Opportunities - Understanding Indigenous Experiences of Patient Safety in Canada

Understanding Indigenous Experiences of Patient Safety in Canada

University of Alberta – School of Public Health & Canadian Patient Safety Institute


Project Background

This is a University of Alberta, Master of Public Health student project, also working in partnership with Patients for Patient Safety Canada (PFPSC), the patient-led program of the Canadian Patient Safety Institute. This project is primarily for student learning and aims to understand how Indigenous people in Canada experience patient safety incidents. The findings will inform a report to PFPSC with suggestions for improvements to healthcare services for Indigenous patients.


This is a participant opportunity specifically for Indigenous patients. The project involves having conversations with members of the Indigenous community and hearing their experiences of patient safety through collection of personal perspectives, and stories that participants wish to share regarding their experiences with the healthcare system.

All responses will be kept confidential and anonymous. Participants will not be identified in the final report.


Roles and Responsibilities

We are looking for Indigenous patient participants who would like to take part in a 45-minute conversation about their experiences with the healthcare system.


Participants can expect to be engaged in the following manner:


●  Conversations will be conducted in English.

●  Conversations will be held in Edmonton. Video and teleconferencing will be
     available to participants outside the Edmonton area.

●  Two of the research team members will be present during the conversations.

●  Participants are welcome to include a family member or friend for support during
    the conversation.                                             

●  Participants can choose to skip questions, pause, or end the conversation at a

●  If participants agree to be recorded, conversations will be audio recorded to ensure

●  All information shared will be kept anonymous and confidential. Participant privacy
    will be protected.

●  Once the project is complete, the research team will share a copy of the report with
    each participant.


Time Commitment

Patient participants can expect to be involved in 1 conversation of approximately 45 minutes.



Participants will be compensated for their time with a $75 VISA gift card  that will be sent by mail following the conversation.


Project Team Contact Information


Disha Panchal