Opportunities - Alberta Pain Strategy Recruiting Patient Advisors for Chronic Pain Outcome Measures Working Group

Alberta Pain Strategy Recruiting Patient Advisors for Chronic Pain Outcome Measures Working Group

Alberta Health Services


Project Background

The Alberta Pain Strategy Working Group is multidisciplinary, encompassing healthcare providers and leaders, provincial groups, and patients engaged in pain care. As well, this group  represents  different areas of care and geography across Alberta. Chronic pain directly effects 20% of Albertans.


By becoming involved, patient advisors will be equal partners in developing and implementing provincial, evidence-informed outcome measures for chronic pain. By having standardized and consistently used outcome measures for chronic pain, our healthcare system will have much better access to chronic pain data and be better able to manage patient’s pain.


Roles and Responsibilities

Working Group members will contribute as equal members of the multidisciplinary team.

Member responsibilities include:

  • Attend and actively participate in Working Group meetings, both in person and via teleconference and other virtual meeting platforms.
  • Contribute knowledge, expertise, and information to the group to further its mandate.
  • Contribute to and review information being developed by the Working Group.
  • Utilize networks and build key relationships with partners and stakeholders to further the work of the Working Groups and Alberta Pain Strategy.
  • Bring innovation and new ways of doing business to the collective.
  • Make decisions based on evidence and the expertise that each member brings to the group.
  • Provide advice regarding clinical, policy formation and implications for patient care within the province.


Time Commitment

This is a one-year commitment with an expected completion of April 2021. The group will meet approximately every other month for a 2-hour virtual meeting. An all-day in-person meeting is also being planned for January 2021.



This is a volunteer position, but Patient Advisors would be reimbursed for any travel-related expenses to attend in-person meetings as per AHS policy.


Project Team Contact Information


James Wai