Opportunities - Patient Engagement in the RESILIENCE Trial

Patient Engagement in the RESILIENCE Trial
Department of Agriculture, Food and Nutritional Science
University of Alberta

Individuals with endometrial cancer are more likely to develop heart conditions after treatment. Lifestyle changes can help endometrial cancer survivors overcome some of these health risks. A digital wellness platform, MyVivaPlanâ, uses elements of nutrition, physical activity, and wellness to help individuals self-manage their health. The RESILIENCE trial aims to improve the health of endometrial cancer survivors by using MyVivaPlan.
We are inviting endometrial cancer survivors to participate in an online survey to give us feedback on the design of the RESILIENCE intervention. After completing the survey, participants have the option of continuing the study and participating in an interview and a focus group meeting. Participants will be asked questions about their opinions on working in academic research. Then, participants will be offered the opportunity to join the research team as a patient partner.
Patient partners will work alongside our research team throughout the duration of the RESILIENCE trial. The survey begins with screening questions, but applicants don’t need any experience in research to join us. Training will be provided as required.

Roles and Responsibilities
This is initially a participant opportunity. By participating in our online survey, individuals will provide feedback based on their lived experiences and expectations. Participants will be asked if they would like to continue their participation through an interview and focus group. The questions will be about their opinions on working with a research team.
After completing the study activities, participants will be invited to become a part of the research team as patient partners for the RESILIENCE trial. Patient research partners will be invited to collaborate on different research activities depending on their interests and availability, but will be expected to attend regularly scheduled meetings and share their insights and feedback on the project processes and progress. Patient partners can choose to be involved from 6 months up to the entire 5 years of the RESILIENCE trial.
Patient research partners will also be expected to participate in 3 evaluations of their engagement throughout the study.
All activities and meetings will be held virtually.

Time Commitment
The initial survey may take 30-60 minutes to complete. If participants are interested in continuing to the next phase of the study, an interview of up to 75 minutes (including preparation) and then a focus group of up to 2 hours would be required.
Individuals joining as patient partners will discuss the amount of time they are able to contribute and the activities they are interested in with the research team. The time commitment will depend on the preferences of patient partners and the activities they are involved in. The project aims to start between September to November 2023. Research activities will take up to 40 hours over the 5 year period of the study, but patient partners can choose to be involved for as little as 6 months.

We are unable to offer a token of appreciation to participants completing the initial survey.
For the interviews, participants will be offered up to $31.25 as token of appreciation. For the focus group meeting, participants will be offered $50.
Individuals who continue as patient research partners will be offered compensation as per the AbSPORU guidelines ($25/hr). Patient partners will be offered compensation for their preparation and attendance at the regularly scheduled research team meetings as well as for their collaboration on the additional aspects of the project up to 40 hours.
For those interested, please complete the screening survey here, which will connect to the online survey if you are eligible https://redcap.link/RESILIENCE

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Ethics ID: Pro00131854; Version: September 08, 2023; Principal Investigator: Dr. Carla Prado