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Forward with Dementia
The Schlegel-UW Research Institute for Aging

Forward with Dementia is an initiative that aims to address stigma and raise awareness about how to live a fulfilling life with dementia. The website
https://forwardwithdementia.ca/ includes information, stories, and resources developed together with people living with dementia, care partners, and health and social care providers. The Forward with Dementia initiative is expanding across Canada by adapting resources to better engage diverse cultural and linguistic groups, specifically members of the Chinese, South Asian, Italian and Hispanic communities.
In order to do this, Co-design Teams will be assembled, each specific to a cultural community (Chinese, South Asian, Italian and Hispanic). The Co-design Teams will include people living with dementia and care partners (family or friends of people living with dementia), who identify as being part of these cultural communities.
The outcome of this project will be culturally-relevant resources about dementia that are available in multiple languages. These resources will provide information to increase knowledge and awareness, and address stigma about dementia in diverse communities. The resources will be a tool to help people live fulfilling lives with dementia and provide hope. All of these outcomes may increase the well-being of people impacted by dementia. The resources will be added to the Forward with Dementia website, making them available to be accessed and shared by the general public, including people living with dementia, care partners, and health and social service providers.

Roles and Responsibilities
The Forward with Dementia team is inviting people living with dementia and care partners who identify as being a member of the Chinese, South Asian, Italian or Hispanic communities to join a Co-design team (working group) to assist in the development of culturally-appropriate resources about dementia.
Co-design Team members will be able to share their perspectives and lived experience insights in meetings. They will provide hands-on support to create and adapt resources about dementia, including: proposing ideas and content for resources, reviewing and providing feedback on resources, and providing advice about how to reach and approach different communities in order to share resources.
Each member of the Co-design Team will bring their unique backgrounds and insights to the table. These multiple and unique perspectives will be incredibly valuable in helping the Forward with Dementia team to understand what support is needed to address stigma related to dementia, and raise awareness about how to live well with dementia, particularly in diverse cultural and linguistic communities.

Time Commitment
The Co-design Teams will be asked to join in approximately 9 meetings. There will be one meeting scheduled per month between July 2023 and March 2024. Meetings will be one hour in length and held virtually through video calls (unless the Co-design Team member would prefer a phone call).

Co-design Team members will be offered an honoraria of up to $225 in recognition of their time and essential contribution.
This is an online opportunity so there are no expenses associated with travel and parking.

For more information please connect with
Emma Bender, Project Manager
519.904.0660 ext 4206
Dana Kirkbride, Project Coordinator
519.904.0660 ext 4223