Opportunities - The Development and Validation of Alberta Cardiac Surgery Patient Experiences Survey

The development and validation of Alberta cardiac surgery patient experiences survey
University of Calgary

Feedback from patients about their care is often collected using surveys. Unfortunately, these types of surveys have been designed as “one-size, fits-all” tools to be used across all patients whether they have had a knee replaced, given birth or had heart surgery. This may lead to some important questions not being asked.

Our study aims to create a patient experience survey for patients who have had cardiac (heart) surgery. This will be done by holding focus groups with patients in Edmonton or Calgary. After the focus groups are complete, a preliminary survey will be created and sent to the focus group members to complete and provide any further suggestions on.  The result will be a survey that provides meaningful and relevant results to improve the process and outcomes for cardiac surgery patients going forward.

Roles and Responsibilities

Patient partners, with experience of heart surgery, will take part in a one-time, 60–90 minute focus group of 3 -5 members. This will be held in Edmonton or Calgary. The facilitator will provide a background of the study and ask partners about their experiences of heart surgery through discussion on a series of pre-determined questions. Once the focus groups are complete, the researchers will use the information which has been collected to create a first draft of the survey. A copy will be sent to the focus group members to complete and provide their thoughts about - is it too long/short, too hard to read, anything that is confusing or still missing?  These suggestions will be used to improve the survey - which will be used in a future study among a larger group of Albertans.

For those who live  in rural and remote areas and would like to participate, there is also a telephone interview option.

Time Commitment

The one-time focus group will last about 60-90 minutes and be held between June and August 2019. Time commitment should be about 3-4 hours including travel to and from Edmonton or Calgary. We estimate no more than 1 hour to fill out the draft survey and provide feedback. 
The total time commitment for each patient partner should not exceed 4-5 hours.


Participants will be reimbursed for any parking costs to attend the focus group and will receive an honoraria (payment) of $50 for recognition of their time.

Contact Information

Interested in sharing your experience with us? Please connect with

Kyle Kemp

Thank you for taking the time to consider this opportunity. If you know someone you think might be interested, please pass this posting along!