Opportunities - Prevention of Harassment and Violence (POHV) Learning Program – Evidence Review Working Group Member

Prevention of Harassment and Violence (POHV) Learning Program – Evidence Review Working Group Member
Alberta Health Services, Provincial POHV Department

Aggression in healthcare settings is a prevalent issue that has demonstrated an upward trend in recent years. Healthcare workers’ prevention of and safe response to aggression in healthcare settings requires effective knowledge and skills training through a comprehensive learning program. Alberta Health Services has a responsibility to provide this training to workers, thus is developing a learning program to replace the current program to better meet this objective. Implementation of violence prevention learning programs for healthcare workers have demonstrated significant decreases in incidents of aggression.
It is essential to include the patient perspective when reviewing the applicable and meaningful evidence that will inform the development of this program.  This opportunity is looking for a patient partner to join the POHV Evidence Review Working Group that will be reviewing existing evidence-based literature about workplace violence in healthcare settings.

Roles and Responsibilities
As part of the POHV Evidence Review Working Group, the patient member will review the evidence-based literature to inform the learning program content. 
We are looking for a patient partner with significant lived-experience of receiving healthcare services in high risk settings such as emergency departments, addictions and mental health, home care, or from emergency medical services, who also has some understanding of academic literature and what constitutes valid evidence, and who works well with a virtual team setting and process. This is an opportunity to increase literature review skills.

Time Commitment
This project is expected to start early this fall and the time commitment will most likely be 2-3 months depending on the process, and may be extended if required.
Most communication and planning will occur via group emails with virtual meetings only occurring as needed. Literature review is a rigorous process. Thus sufficient time to follow this process will be needed by each member.

This is an online opportunity with no expenses necessary for travel or parking.
This is strictly a volunteer opportunity and no compensation is offered however this offers opportunity to strengthen research-based skills and experience, as well as increase knowledge about the important topic of prevention and safe response to aggression in healthcare settings. This complex topic, with many considerations, is also applicable to life skills in multiple settings.

For more information please connect with
Gina Bateman, POHV Learning Program, AHS