Opportunities - Identifying patient-important quality indicators for patients admitted to neurology units

Identifying patient-important quality indicators for patients admitted to neurology units

Alberta Health Services



A group of neurologists, nurse practitioners, and quality improvement experts from Alberta and across Canada wish to develop a set of measures that can be used to define quality in the care of patients who are admitted to our neurology wards.

We wish to explore and emphasize patient priorities for a quality experience into this work and to incorporate patient-important measures from the very beginning.

We would like to invite people who have had experience of being admitted to our neurology wards, or who are caregivers or family members of patients who have been admitted to a neurology ward, to join in a group discussion exploring what is important for a quality stay.
This discussion will be virtual, using Zoom, to avoid any COVID risks. The discussion will be recorded and then transcribed and analyzed to identify top priorities of the participants. We will then develop a survey to circulate to participants to make sure we have consensus on which items are most critical.
This information will be amalgamated with the priorities identified by healthcare providers so that the patient voice is fully included in this work, and becomes an integral part of driving quality improvement work for neurology across Canada.


Roles and Responsibilities

Participants will be asked to join in one focus group (online) and then to provide feedback on two to three rounds of online surveys. This will include reviewing and then ranking the patient priorities identified during the focus group.

Participants may also contribute by being involved in national surveys of healthcare providers if they wish, and would be most welcome. These provider surveys will occur two to three times as well, also online.


Time Commitment

We anticipate hosting focus groups in April and May. Focus groups will be about one hour in duration.

Each survey will take between ten and thirty minutes to complete. We expect two to three surveys for patient focus group participants.

If any participants would also like to contribute to our national surveys, we expect there will be two – three of these, and that they will likely take up to thirty minutes to complete.



This is an unfunded study, and as such, we hope to recruit volunteers.

Meetings and survey feedback will be online so there are no travel costs associated with this opportunity.


For more information or to apply, please connect with

Caitlin Foster                                                    Lara Cooke                                        cdfoster@ucalgary.ca                                       lcooke@ucalgary.ca

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