Opportunities - Adolescents and Young Adults becoming Physically Active after Cancer Trial (AYA-PACT)

Adolescents and Young Adults becoming Physically Active after Cancer Trial (AYA-PACT)

Alberta Health Services and University of Calgary



There is a need for adolescent and young adult (AYA) cancer research because the number of new cancers in young people is increasing, and the survivor population is growing. Interventions that try to reduce problems that affect people after cancer are particularly important since its treatments can have negative effects on survivors’ physical and mental health, even after decades of diagnosis.

Given the many positive effects of physical activity (e.g. improved fitness and quality of life), our study aims to encourage AYA cancer survivors to be more physically active as they shift from treatment to survivorship care. The main goal of this study is to see if a home-based, mobile health (mHealth) physical activity intervention can increase physical activity levels by at least 120 minutes/week at 12 months compared to AYA cancer survivors who don’t use this intervention.

The study could provide AYA cancer survivors with a simple and affordable mHealth intervention that benefits their physical and mental health. If our intervention works in Alberta, we aim to test its effectiveness nationally.

This project is looking for input and feedback from a diverse group of young people who were diagnosed with cancer between the ages of 15-39 to help inform and guide our study.


Roles and Responsibilities

We are looking for adolescents and young adults who were diagnosed with cancer between the ages of 15-39 years old to share their experiences, thoughts and ideas to provide input and feedback to the study, and join as a member of our AYA-PACT advisory board.

The role includes:

  1. Attending a Patient-Oriented Research workshop facilitated by AbSPORU PE team
  2. Contributing to four online Zoom meetings per year with the project team as well as email communication. Meetings are expected to be 2 hours long.

In addition, we are looking for 2-3 members of the advisory board to moderate an online Strava community that will be used by participants in the study.


Time Commitment

This project expects to start in September 2021. The expected time frame is 5 years.

We anticipate a commitment of approximately 12 hours per year for patient partners on the advisory board.

Individuals who act as moderators of the Strava community can expect an additional commitment of 1-hour per week for 30 months.



Meetings will be hosted online. There are no travel costs expected with this opportunity.

Compensation will be offered at a rate of $25/hour as per AbSPORU guidelines.


For more information or to apply, please connect with:


Dr. Christine Friedenreich                                          Leanne Dickau

Christine.friedenreich@ahs.ca                                   Leanne.dickau@ahs.ca