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Volunteer Opportunities

Friendly Visitor

Many of our residents love visitors, and would welcome a chance to spend time with you! Our Memory Care and Center for Health and Rehabilitation (CHR) residents in particular are in need of visitors to lift their spirits.

Our new Friendly Visitor program now offers volunteers the option to be paired with one or more specific residents; this allows relationships to form, making it a more meaningful experience for residents and volunteers alike. If you prefer not to be paired with a someone specific, however, lists of residents and their hobbies, interests and music tastes are kept in the Recreation Office for volunteers to reference.

General friendly visit hours are Monday through Sundays: 10:00-11:30am, 1:00-4:30pm, 6:00-8:00pm.


Manicures meet a social and physical need for our residents. Licensing is not required for a volunteer to file, buff and paint a resident's fingernails (pedicures can only be given by podiatrists or licensed beauticians). Many of our residents enjoy this time spent with volunteers, and there is always a need for this service!

Pet Visitors: Burcham Buddies Program

Do you have a charming canine friend? A friendly feline? A good-natured and loveable pet of some other kind? We are always looking for new additions to our Burcham Buddies program!

Burcham Buddies welcomes vetted pets and their owners as volunteer companions within our community. Therapy certification is not required - but if you are working on your certification, we are a great work site! 

Volunteer Gardener

Aid the Master Gardener and Garden assistants throughout building/community as assigned.

Must have perennial gardening experience; Master Gardener program experience very helpful.

Digging, planting and weeding flower beds and borders
Pruning shrubs
Checking the health of plants by identifying any pests or diseases and controlling them
Applying nutrients to plants and maintaining moisture level
Proper use, care and maintenance of tools and equipment
Loading and unloading plants and planting material

Special performances or presentations

Do you play an instrument and/or sing? Are you part of a performing group? Do you have an interesting idea for an educational class or series? We are always looking for volunteer performers and educators!

Volunteer as a group

Groups are great for helping with our larger special events, especially around the holidays. Come volunteer together with your sorority, fraternity or whatever kind of group you're a part of. 

Does your group have an idea for a special event, project or presentation? Let us know!

Job shadowing

If you are part of an educational program that requires job shadowing hours, we may be the right fit for you!

A “job shadow” is defined as anyone assigned to a specific staff member for the purpose of observing their daily role. A shadow may be asked or allowed to perform simple tasks with supervision so as to provide a hands-on experience when possible and when safe to do so. A minimum of 20 hours is required. 

Special events and projects

There are many special events and projects that happen throughout the year at Burcham Hills, especially around the holidays. Most of these opportunities are open to groups and individuals alike.

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Ancillary Volunteers

Ancillary visitors are those entering the community for a specific program on an irregular or one-time basis. Examples include religious programs, carolers, musical performaces, etc. 

Activity Shifts Start End
Performer 1

Burcham Buddies

Activity Shifts Start End
Pet Volunteer 2328 4/16/2024 1/31/2025


Activity Shifts Start End
Manicures 1931 4/16/2024 1/5/2025
Special Events 1
Wednesday Night Bingo 37 4/17/2024 1/1/2025


This category is for any individual volunteers who are NOT entertainers, group/activity leaders or ministers. 

Activity Shifts Start End
Friendly Visitor 2287 4/16/2024 1/31/2025
Gardener 1
Manicures 1914 4/16/2024 1/31/2025
Special Events 1

Job Shadow

Activity Shifts Start End
Job Shadow 1

Recreation Programming

Activity Shifts Start End
Bingo 90 4/16/2024 12/30/2025

Religious Programs

Activity Shifts Start End
Vespers Minister 35 4/21/2024 12/29/2024
Vespers Piano Player 37 4/21/2024 12/29/2024
Vespers Volunteer 38 4/21/2024 1/5/2025

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