YU National Ministry Conference

Volunteer at Youth Unlimited's RockRidge Canyon:Kitchen Crew or Kid's Program

YFC/Youth Unlimited is hosting it's annual National Ministry Conference at RockRidge Canyon and we can save thousands of dollars AND provide volunteers with a beautiful place to stay, meals and all those cheery YU staff thanking you from the bottom of our hearts for all your help!

How it works
There is no charge for volunteer guests.  Volunteers are unable to be a part of the group program, activities or events.  Rockridge staff oversee the Work Crew throughout the event.  Assignments cannot be shared or rotated due to the time and training requirements of each job. Volunteers must provide your own transportation to the camp. 

Location: Google Map to Rockridge: 2000 Willies Ranch Road, Princeton BC

Kitchen Crew: 
Dates:  June 30 - July 4
Arrival Time: June 30 @ 3pm and ready to work by 3:30
Departure: July 4 after breakfast

Volunteers may be asked to set up the dining hall, set tables, serve, bus, wash dishes, prepare food, housekeeping and camp clean up in the dining hall and kitchen.

What to wear
RockRidge is regulated by "Food Safe" and "Work Safe" requirements.  The Work Crew must wear shirts with sleeves, long pants and closed-toed shoes.  Long hair needs to be restrained with a hair tie, hat, bandana or hair net.  Avoid wearing jewelry and wash hands frequently.

A typical day consists of reporting an hour before each meal and remaining until after cleanup is completed.  The average work day will vary based on the group's schedule but a full day will generally be 8 hours with breaks throughout the day as determined by Property Staff.

Oriention and Transportation
RockRidge staff will provide orientation and training before the YFC/Youth Unlimited staff arrive. They will set up tables and chairs and prepare for the first meal.  Please be in the dining room ready for orientation 90 minutes before the first meal starts.

Kid's Program: - POSTIONS FILLED

Dates:  July 1-3, 2022
Arrival Time:
June 30 (first shift is July 1st @ 9am)

Volunteers are needed for all age groups (0-2, 3-5, 6-11, 12-17).  Volunteers must complete the GVYU application form and submit a Criminal Record Check.


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