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Update:  Currently we do not have volunteer job openings at Street Life.  If you would like to support work with youth in Vancouver in other ways or in other programs, please contact  Thank you!

Street Life exists to create a safe space of belonging for young people aged 12-25 in East Vancouver. Our team serves this community by providing authentic relationships, referrals to other service providers (ex. counsellors, housing workers), and resources (toiletries, blankets, toques, etc).

For some youth, our team has been able to journey with them for several years, for others it’s a month, and still others it’s only for one evening. The Street Life team considers themselves to be stewards of the time, resources, and relationships that the Lord has blessed them to care for. For some young people, we are able to be salt and reflected light in their lives as they search for truth, look for affordable housing,
secure their first job, and build coping mechanisms to combat their addiction. For others, we provide a meal, an ear to listen, an invitation to pray, and offer a blessing to them as we meet them once, and never see them again — such is the life of our young friends who live transient lifestyles. Wherever youth are coming from, they can find a home at the Street Life RV. No matter how broken they feel, how drunk they
are, or how fragile their lives are, the Street Life team is there, reflecting the light and hope of Jesus to some of the most vulnerable youth in Vancouver.


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