Friendly Visitors


Why should I become a Friendly Visitors?

Isolation can impair physical, mental, and emotional health and there are many reasons why people become isolated as they age. In our community, older adults can reach out to JFS and be matched with volunteer from the community who meets with them once (or more!) a month.

As a Friendly Visitor, you will:

Be matched with an older adult in the community and visit twice a month. Some Friendly Visitors choose to visit more or supplement their visits with phone calls. Visits between older adults and their Friendly Visitors are just that – friendly visits! Board games, chatting, taking walks, or small outings!


  • Must attend a JFS General Orientation
  • Have an Informational interview with a Friendly Visitor program admin

In addition to adult volunteers, older teens (16+) are welcomed as Friendly Visitors, and often develop a special “surrogate grandparent/child” relationship that can involve the entire family.