Partners in Care Concierge (PiCC)


Why should I become a PiCC Volunteer?

PiCC is an innovative program that provides support for older adults and their family members via medical appointment accompaniment. PiCC enables older adults to better access health care, while at the same time enhancing efficiency of health care for older adults.

If you are interested in helping support older adults by providing comfort and companionship while attending their medical appointments, then this volunteer position is for you!

As a PiCC Volunteer, you will:

PiCC ‘Partners’ provide support to older adults before, during, and after medical appointments. This includes:

  • Preparing the client for the medical appointment
  • Attend the appointment with the client*
  • Assist with communication during the appointment
  • Help to relay accurate information about the appointment to the family or caregivers

*Transportation for the volunteer and the client to the appointment is provided by JFS


  • Must attend a JFS General Volunteer Orientation
  • Have an Informational Interview with a PiCC program administrator