Why should I become a HouseWarmer?

Join a network of rapid response welcomers who ensure an arriving refugee’s house becomes a home.

You’ll be notified via My Volunteer Page as soon as we have confirmation of an arrival and a place (and date) for them to move into. You, alongside other welcoming volunteers will setup a home for the arriving refugee family.

Some things you’ll be asked to do as a HouseWarmer:

  • Unload & move furniture into apartments
  • Buy groceries & stock their fridge (we'll provide a culturally appropriate list)
  • Welcome new refugees to their home & help them settle in
  • Pick-up & deliver a hot, culturally appropriate meal for new arrivals


  • Attend a JFS General Orientation
  • Attend a HouseWarmer TrainingS
  • Some (not all) tasks will require you to lift heavy furniture.

Please note that volunteer activities in this role are available based on factors that are not within our control, including national refugee arrival numbers, leasing office restrictions, and overseas travel issues.