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Welcome to our volunteering portal where you can apply to volunteer with us, or if you are already a volunteer you can find out more about upcoming training and events.


Seetec Interventions Alliance works with participants to improve areas of their lives they have identified as problematic. This could be supporting a participant to improve their overall emotional wellbeing. Mentor them in an effective way that assists them in building new social networks that can support desistance from offending.


It can also be supporting individuals with the skills and confidence to find and manage their homes. Supporting a person on the path to employment by developing the right skills and acquiring the right training.


Should you be interesting in volunteering, please have a read of our helpful frequently asked questions about what is involved.


To apply just follow the link to our application from rand following this a coordinator will be in touch


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How long is the training to become a volunteer?
To become a volunteer you must first complete the online application and provide us with 2 references. You will then be invited to an online interview. Once you have passed the interview process you will be invited to online virtual training. Training is usually 2 consecutive days 10am – 4pm.

Once you are trained, we shall request an enhanced DBS check for you and ask you to complete online training relevant to the role. You are then ready to be a mentor.

How many hours a week am I required to volunteer?

We ask that volunteers make a minimum 6 months’ commitment to our service after training, and usually this is for 3 hours per week. However, cases do vary.

Are my expenses covered?

Interventions Alliance will support volunteers with the costs of volunteering, with expenses covered. This includes being able to claim back up to £6 for buying a tea or coffee with your participant each week. We may provide and pay for a volunteer phone to be used specifically for contacting the participants you are working with.

What skills and experience do I need?

Volunteers don’t have to be experts but must have a belief in change, a desire to support that change and be pragmatic, creative and resilient in their approach. Many of the skills that you need you will learn and develop while being a volunteer.

What further training and development is available to me as a volunteer?

Once training as a volunteer you will have access to the professional training that Interventions Alliance staff attend. This allows you to have professional and up-to-date training as well as giving you the opportunity to network. Some of the courses are as follows.

-Mental health awareness
-Sex offender awareness
-Domestic violence
-Substance misuse
-Much much more.

Why should I become a Volunteer with IA?

Volunteering can enhance your personal growth and help strengthen your social relationships to your community. Through volunteering you can also develop existing skills and discover ones you didn’t know you had!​

In return we can provide you with a valuable insight into the work of Interventions Alliance, opportunities to help develop your career, as well as experience of working with hard-to-reach clients. ​

Am I Eligible? 

No formal qualifications are needed, just an open mind, being reliable, having good communication skills, a desire to help others, basic IT skills, a few spare hours per week and you must be age 18+ to apply.

We are committed to working with those with convictions/ lived experience of the Criminal Justice System, but as we work with vulnerable adults some convictions are inappropriate for some roles.