Childcare Support

Childcare is sometimes needed in either the family's home, in the community or on-site at FCSGW. This allows parents/guardians a break in their home or while attending a group, meeting, appointment, or case conference.   Parents/guardians are supported in knowing  their child is safe and being cared for while they focus on learning important information, making decisions or have space for a break. 

Childcare needs are at different times, locations and could be sporadic.  We do not recruit volunteers to provide childcare as their only role but ask our current group of mentors, tutors, parent-aides or drivers if they are able to assist with each request.  If you are interested in supporting childcare needs as part of your role, please select this option.   


For more information contact:

Coordinator of Volunteer Resources, 519-824-2410x 4438 or