Hello Zamanitarians,

Thank you for your interest in supporting Zaman’s mission of accompanying women and their families out of poverty into a new future! It is only through your generosity, compassion, and thoughtful assistance that we can make this vision a reality.

If you’re new to Zaman and have some questions, don’t hesitate to email me at or call at 313-551-3994. 

If you are ready to jump in, fill out our volunteer application linked on this page and we’ll get started!

If you have volunteered with us before you can log into your account and see what shifts are available or update your information. 

I love working with the diverse team of volunteers who have such a passion for this important work. I also enjoy being able to share Zaman’s story with others and find the unique fit for each person’s and partner’s interests and skills. Zaman is dedicated to its purpose and I am privileged to be able to walk with you as we work to make a real difference in the lives of others.

We’re happy to have you in the Zaman family!


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About Zaman



Hope for Humanity

Zaman is committed to facilitating change and advancing the lives of marginalized women and children, by enabling them to meet essential needs common to all humankind.

Our vision, with your help, is to realize a world where women and their children can break the cycle of poverty and self-direct their futures. We do this through wrap around support with a multi-step model:


1. Basic needs assistance to stabilize the families. This includes our Bayt Al-Zahra Basic Needs Program and Client Choice Food Pantry, Good Deeds Resale Store, Meet Up & Eat Up Summer Food Program, and more.   


  2. Skills training and confidence building to provide the women with the necessary experience and social-emotional support to prepare for a job. The BOOST (Building Ongoing Opportunities through Skills Training) Vocational and Literacy Training program provides this education. 


3. Staged employment of our former students onsite at Zaman, and assistance with interview preparation, job readiness, and job connections for sustainable employment in the community. Both the BOOST program and our Bayt Al-Zahra Social Work Department provide these resources.   


International Programs

Internationally, we provide basic needs assistance and community development in 28 projects in 19 countries through the following programs:

1. Sips of Hope: building and maintaining water wells, primarily in countries in Africa.

2. Orphan Hope: supporting orphans in the USA and around the world, especially through a partner orphanage in Iraq.

3. Disaster Relief: providing food, hygiene, and medical necessities to communities in crisis.


To learn more, visit Zaman's website at, Facebook at and Instagram at