Pharmacy Support Volunteer


As a Pharmacy Support Volunteer you will be part of a team of staff and volunteers working in the Pharmacy Department. The volunteer role involves some welcoming of patients and visitors to the Pharmacy Department and helping to make sure they are in the right place. As a Pharmacy Support Volunteer, you may also get involved with such activities as: redirecting and escorting people to other areas of the hospital, informing patients of waiting times and helping out in the Pharmacy stores with distribution and labelling.


  • Welcome patients and visitors to Pharmacy
  • Help with informing patients of waiting times
  • Assist in the escort of patients to other departments within the hospital, if required
  • Under the guidance of Pharmacy staff, primarily assist in the delivery of prescriptions to the Chemotherapy Suite, and additionally run errands to other areas in the Trust.
  • Carry out any other reasonable duties required, as directed by the Pharmacy Team: such as photocopying, enveloping, post, fetching/taking patients’ notes.
  • Assist in the maintenance of patient information areas.
  • Help escort patients to other departments within the hospital, such as: X-Ray, Blood Clinic.
  • Be an extra pair of eyes and ears of the department, alerting staff to any patient concerns and worries                     
  • Help with completion of Friends and Family questionnaires.