Outpatient Departments - Surgical

Around 250,00 patients are seen in our outpatient clinics every year. Patients come to these clinics for the first time when they have been referred to hospital by their GP. They may also attend for follow up appointments and for minor surgery.

We have 10 outpatient suites all dealing with different specialities - everything from diabetes to pain management. Apart from welcoming patients and visitors to the department, you will be able to help to reassure patients that they are in the right area, run errands for patient notes, prescriptions and escort patients to other areas such as blood tests or X-ray.

Helping patients with the completion of Friends and Family questionnaires will provide the hospital with important feedback to maintain high its standards of patient care. 

This role will suit anyone who likes working with people in a busy environment. It may also provide useful experience of an outpatients department in an Acute Hospital Trust for someone planning a career in Healthcare.