Childrens Outpatients - The Den

If you are interested in working with children then this role may be one to think about. As part of this role you may be asked to take part in the following activities:

  • Help parents with children to enter and leave through the automatic doors
  • Make parents, carers and visitors aware of written information available within The Den
  • Give directions to facilities elsewhere on the hospital site, e.g. cafĂ©, shops
  • Explain to parents, carers and visitors how and where patients are seen in the different clinics within the Den
  • Alert staff to parents, carers and visitors who require advice or help
  • Help keep displays of written information for parents, carers and visitors tidy and well-stocked
  • Help parents, carers and visitors find the play area and alert staff to any problems in the play area
  • Assist in informing patients of waiting times
  • Carry out any other reasonable duties required, as directed by the nurse in charge
  • Where requested by staff, assist in the escort of parents, carers and visitors to other departments within the hospital
  • Assist or help with refreshments

This role will suit anyone who likes working with children in a busy environment. It may also provide useful experience of a children's department in an Acute Hospital Trust for someone planning a career in Healthcare.