Wildlife Hospital - International Volunteer Program

Want to volunteer with wildlife in Canada?

Looking to do something meaningful while being immersed in Canadian culture?

Come volunteer with us at Wildlife Rescue!

(Photo Credit: Paul Steeves)

Who are we: 

We are a registered non-profit established in 1979. We are the largest wildlife rehabilitation facility in terms of intakes in Canada; we serve over 5000 wildlife patients each year! We rehabilitate injured wildlife, raise orphaned wildlife, and treat pollution-damaged wildlife with a goal of release back into the wild. 

We have a team of over 160 volunteers, whom along with staff run our Wildlife Hospital 365 days a year. We are currently looking for international volunteers for a minimum of 8 weeks placement. 

Daily duties include:

  • Cleaning and preparing habitats and enclosures
  • Preparing meals and feeding wildlife patients
  • Light handling of wildlife patients
  • Washing and drying dishes and various medical supplies
  • Food cutting and mixing as part of the preparation of animal diets (this includes raw fish, worms, fruit etc.)
  • Cleaning medical supplies
  • Disinfecting equipment
  • Mopping
  • Taking out the garbage and recycling

We expect you to:

  1. Be punctual. Arrive in time to be ready to work at the beginning of your shift. Give yourself time to get changed and settle in. Make sure you take your break at the right time and return on time.
  2. Wear suitable clothes – closed-toed shoes, full-length pants and a long-sleeved top. If you have long hair, tie it back.
  3. Many of you are coming here specifically to develop your English. It may be tempting to hang out with the other international volunteers, but try to stick to English even when you are with others who speak your first language.
  4. Be flexible and willing - follow instructions from staff and other volunteers, help out where help is needed, be positive.
  5. Communicate any interest you have in specific activities – staff may not always ask, but there are lots of opportunities to do different things once the daily tasks are completed.
  6. Work through your entire contract. If you are coming for 4-6 weeks, we expect you won’t need any time off during your contract. If you are here for 8-12 weeks, you can book off one week during your time with us – please give at least 2 weeks’ notice.

You can expect us to:

  1. Schedule you for four 6-hour shifts per week. The days may vary from week to week and we will try to give you a mix of early and late shifts, whenever possible.
  2. Schedule you for 3 days off per week.
  3. Provide you with a 3-hour initial training session, followed by a training shift with a volunteer mentor. This mentor will continue to offer you support and further training as needed.
  4. Provide a friendly and supportive environment in which you will have the opportunity to learn about animal handling, care, and rehabilitation.
  5. Provide a range of other opportunities for you to participate in if you are interested – gardening, maintenance, administration.
  6. Provide a reference letter on completion of your contract, detailing the hours you worked and the role you played in helping wildlife.

Please fill in an application, we look forward to meeting you soon!