Support Centre - Admissions Volunteer

Admissions Volunteers are often the first point of contact with the public dropping off wildlife at our facility. 
  • Assist the public & Transport Volunteers dropping off wildlife
  • Fill out forms
  • Complete "quick admits" for patients in the database
  • Coordinating health checks with the wildlife hospital
  • Scan casework
  • Accept donations
  • Complete Data Entry

This role is perfect for someone who

  • Wants to make a difference for wildlife and the people who help them
  • Is a self-proclaimed 'people person' and has excellent communication skills
  • Has the ability to de-escalate situations and conflict
  • Can enforce protocols with the public & volunteers and leave people with a positive experience
  • Has good computer skills
  • Doesn't mind a role with a changing pace. Some days are very busy with non-stop admissions, while others can be quite slow, but there are always other projects to help us with!

This role does NOT offer "hands-on" experience working with animals.

Time Commitment 

Regular weekly shift 4-6 hours per week (i.e. Every Monday 10am - 3pm). Volunteers are expected to complete a minimum of 100 hours total.