Education & Outreach - Outreach Assistant

(Photo Credit: Paul Steeves)

Purpose of Position


Wildlife Rescue’s vision is to continually improve the welfare of urban wildlife. The mission is to provide leadership in rehabilitating wildlife and in promoting the welfare of wild animals in the urban environment.


Wildlife Rescue runs a wildlife rehabilitation hospital located on a single site at the edge of Burnaby Lake. In 2017, over 4,500 wild birds and small mammals came in through our doors. Wildlife Rescue also provides education and outreach services. Business Operations plans, coordinates and oversees all programs – Hospital, Outpatient Care, Outreach, and Volunteer - and supporting functions, including fund development, finance, communications, and marketing.

Wildlife Rescue has over 150 active volunteers, participating in a range of positions both on and off site. We are currently seeking outreach assistants to represent Wildlife Rescue at local events.


Scope of Accountability


The Outreach Assistant is accountable to the Programs Director for attending outreach events. Volunteers sign themselves up for these events according to their schedule and communicate with Wildlife Rescue’s outreach coordinator. Volunteers make their own arrangements for transportation to the event and coordinate the transportation of outreach supplies with the outreach coordinator.


Priorities and Expectations


The Outreach Assistant is expected to ensure the highest standards of practice are achieved and maintained in accordance with the mission, vision and values of Wildlife Rescue, and to ensure adherence to all policies and legal requirements.

The priority is to ensure Wildlife Rescue representation at key events in the local area.


Time Commitment


Attending the Outreach Workshop and 3 events per year. Hours can go towards the overall 100-hour minimum commitment for volunteers.




We are looking for someone who:

  • is at least 18 years’ old;
  • can commit to attending at least 3 events per year, within an overall minimum volunteer commitment of 100 hours;
  • has demonstrated fluency in speaking, reading and writing English;
  • has great communication skills and enjoys connecting with people of all ages;
  • has access to reliable transportation to events;
  • has knowledge of local wildlife species and an interest in learning more;
  • may have experience of wildlife education programs;
  • has the ability to work independently, and to improvise and problem-solve when issues arise; and
  • has a value set that aligns with that of Wildlife Rescue. 


  • Communicate with Wildlife Rescue’s Outreach Coordinator
  • Attend outreach events on time and abide by the event’s rules and regulations
  • Work together with outreach volunteers at the event
  • Represent Wildlife Rescue and engage with the public
  • Keep the outreach materials and inventory tidy
  • Evaluate the event with the Outreach Coordinator


Recognition & Benefits


Upon successful completion of the minimum commitment and at the volunteer’s request, the Volunteer Coordinator will provide references. The Volunteer Coordinator will discuss your specific motivations and learning objectives with you, and keep them in mind throughout your engagement. You will have opportunity to:

  • contribute to the development and efficient running of our organization and its Education and Outreach Program;
  • learn about education on urban wildlife;
  • use and build on your knowledge, skills and experience; and
  • meet and work with new people, make connections; and
  • make a difference for wildlife.