Support Centre - Rescue Volunteer


Wildlife Rescue Association is a registered non-profit established in 1979. We are the second largest wildlife rehabilitation facility in terms of intakes in Canada; we serve over 6000 wildlife patients each year! We rehabilitate injured wildlife, raise orphaned wildlife, and treat pollution-damaged wildlife with a goal of release back into the wild. We have a team of over 300 volunteers, whom along with staff, run our Wildlife Hospital 365 days a year.  Rescue Volunteers help wildlife by performing field assessments of potentially injured/ill birds and perform capture and transport duties when necessary. 

This role is perfect for someone who

The following qualifications are important for this role:

  • Professional communication skills when representing Wildlife Rescue in the community
  • Positive attitude
  • Physically fit and able to lift upwards of 20lbs - Must be agile and able to move quickly to capture wild animals
  • Reliable, organized and comes prepared to calls for rescue
  • Strong adherence to safety protocols
  • Valid BC Drivers License
  • Consistent access to a safe, reliable vehicle with insurance in good standing (winter tires may be required for some transports)
  • Willingness to travel to many areas of the Lower Mainland and Fraser Valley (greater travel areas are an asset)
  • Previous experience of handling wildlife is an asset.


  • Respond to Support Centre requests to assess birds in the field for potential injuries/illness
  • Safely contain injured, sick, or orphaned birds
  • Transport birds needing care to WRA for treatment
  • Minimise animal stress and suffering by minimising noise and other stressors during transport
  • Ensure volunteer and animal safety in the field
  • Refer public enquiries to our Wildlife Helpline
  • Assist with completing intake forms as needed
  • Maintain professionalism when representing Wildlife Rescue to the community

We have a higher need for volunteers who:

  • Are available on weekdays between 10am and 3pm
  • Are willing to travel to between Burnaby and further areas in B.C including: Richmond, Delta, Surrey, and the Fraser Valley 
  • Already have an up to date rabies vaccination and are willing to transport bats
    • (We DO NOT expect volunteers to obtain an expensive rabies vaccination in order to volunteer. Only a few volunteers will be selected and trained for Bat Transport & Rescue. Speak to a staff representative if you are interested in this role. People who are not trained by a qualified specialist should not approach, handle or touch a bat as they are a high-risk species for transmission of zoonotic disease)

Time Commitment

  • Minimum of one shift per week and 100-hours total
    • Requests may be less frequent in the fall and winter
  • This is an on-call position, therefore flexible schedules can be accommodated
  • Volunteers choose their areas willing to travel and day(s) of availability

Additional Information: 

  • Volunteers will be required to show proof of an up-to-date Tetanus vaccination within the last 10 years
  • Wildlife Rescue issues tax receipts for mileage donations annually, since we cannot reimburse for fuel costs

*Please note that before becoming involved in Rescue activities, you will be required to complete 12 Transport duties (approx. 3months with one duty per week) and complete an interview.

How to apply: 

Complete an application on MyImpactPage and you will be invited to the next scheduled Meet & Greet. Frequency of sessions will vary throughout the year.