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The Center for Healing & Hope (CHH) provides medical care for individuals in our community who do not have health insurance or access to affordable healthcare. The clinic provides different medical services to our community including: Urgent Care, Women's Health, Diabetes Care, and additional Chronic Care services. The clinic also offers assistance to immigrants in our community which includes: Goshen Resident ID Cards (GRID), Financial Assistance, and DACA renewal fund assistance.

CHH cannot continue to do the work we do without the help of volunteers in our community. The different kind of volunteer opportunities vary from medical to non medical positions. Some of these positions include:

Providers, Clinical Volunteers, Interpreters, Cashiers, Registrars, Greeters, Chaplains, General Office Volunteers, GRID Volunteers and much more!

Due to the COVID Health Crisis, CHH is now in need of additional volunteers to provide testing to uninsured patients in our community. Most of these volunteer opportunities are low risk and do not require volunteers to be bilingual. Some of these positions can even be done from home.

If you are interested in volunteering and exploring these volunteer roles, please fill out a volunteer application by clicking on the option at the top right of this page. Make sure to express interest in the positions you are interested in, and one of our CHH staff members will reach out to you for follow up.

Thank you again for expressing interest in volunteering to help serve our uninsured patients in our community!



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Current Volunteer Opportunities

COVID-19 Response

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, CHH is temporarily adapting its services to help continue to provide for our uninsured patients in our community.

We will be obtaining test kits to perform at our clinic that only require a fingerstick. We will need multiple volunteers to be able to run this test site. Many positions are low risk.

Thank you again for stepping up to the challenge to help give back to ours most vulnerable neighbors.

Urgent Care Clinic

Our clinic is most known for our urgent care services that we have provided for more than 20 years.

Our urgent care clinic helps patients who are uninsured see a provider for a low cost to address their urgent care concerns.

These clinics are Tuesday and Thursday evenings and Friday mornings.

There are both medical and non medical positions available for volunteers.


Diabetes Alliance Program (DAP) Clinic

As of 2018, CHH has started a Diabetes Alliance Program (DAP) that allows patients with diabetes who are uninsured to have follow up care with a diabetes specialist. For a monthly fee, patients have access to provider visits, labs, vaccines, diabetes education and more! 

This clinic runs on Monday evenings and Thursday morning/ afternoon.

We need volunteers who have experience with phlebotomy, vaccine administration, and point of care testing to help support our clinic on these dates.

Barbara Landes, Certified Diabetes Nurse Educator, also provides education to patients. In order to be able to provide this service we also need interpreters to help.

Women's Health

CHH works with United Health Services (UHS) of Indiana to help provide free breast and cervical exams screening under the BCCP program to women who are uninsured and over 30 years of age who reside in Indiana. We also provide the WiseWoman health program to women who are uninsured and over 40 years of age to receive a free diabetes, cholesterol, and hypertensive screen to women.

Our volunteer provider Nancy Loewen, CNM, helps perform these appointments for many uninsured women in our area. We need the help of clinical volunteers to help run these tests, prep for PAPs, and interpreters to help interpret for Nancy.

Goshen Resident ID Card (GRID)

CHH helps provide Goshen Resident ID cards to people who live within Goshen city limits that verifies the identity and address of the person to whom it is issued.These events happen once a month here at CHH and we are always in need of volunteers to help process these applications. The volunteer positions include:

Verifying identification, cashiers, photographer, and additional support. 

The point of contact for these GRID events is Julia Schmidt, Immigrant Resource Coordinator. 

General Office Work

CHH is a small staffed nonprofit clinic. When we have fundraising events or are working on projects, we are always looking for additional assistance.

If you are interested in volunteering for these kinds of tasks "on call" please select this as a general interest.