Melbourne Fashion Week Role Description


A look at Melbourne Fashion Week's Arid Gardens Runway - Vogue Australia

Volunteer program: Melbourne Fashion Week               

Volunteer roles: 

There are three roles to choose from-

  • Back of House
  • Event Operations and Support
  • Front of House (FOH) - Customer Service

When completing the application form please choose two preferred roles (preferred roles are not guaranteed).

Applicants must be over the age of 16 to be eligible for a volunteer position.

Applications close midnight, Friday 4 June, 2021.

Estimated hours and time commitment:

Shifts will rostered between Friday 1 - Monday 18 October (Event Live Monday 11 - Sunday 17 October) and are a minimum of 3 hours and a maximum of 11 hours in length (appropriate breaks given for longer shifts). Volunteers must commit to completing a minimum of 4 shifts across the event. 

  • Volunteers are to attend a compulsory interview and induction session if successful in obtaining a position (dates outlined in application form).
  • Volunteers are expected to commit to a minimum of 4 shifts during the event
  • Volunteers will undertake 1-2 shifts per day. Shifts will generally be 4-6 hours long with some dresser shifts being a maximum of 10 hours. Adequate breaks will be given.
  • Shifts will be rostered between the hours of 8.00am and 11:30pm.


Back of House

Volunteers will primarily be engaged to gain experience in assisting the Back of House (BOH) team in various duties for the MFW runway shows along with assisting with dressing models backstage at one or a number of the MFW 2021 venues. BOH Volunteers selected to dress models may be required for up to 10 hours(with adequate breaks given for all shifts). The volunteer dresser will work with stylists and designers learning numerous changes ready for that evenings run way show. Volunteers undertaking these shifts should feel comfortable engaging in a fast paced environment and should be able to think on their feet.  Some BOH volunteer tasks include:


  • Dressing models
  • Preparing and steaming clothing for runway shows
  • Assisting stylists, designers and models
  • Taping shoes
  • Assisting BOH management overall with general requests and duties


Event Operations and Support

Volunteers will be engaged to gain experience in assisting the Event Management team with a number of event duties for the duration of MFW 2021. Volunteers undertaking these shifts should feel comfortable standing for long periods of time and engaging in a fast paced environment. Some Event Operations and Support volunteer tasks include:

  • Event Operations Centre (EOC) support
  • Access control
  • Assist with venue operations as requested
  • Runners for deliveries and other operational assistance


Front of House (FOH) - Customer Service

Volunteers will be engaged to experience Front of House (FOH) aspects of event management including customer service roles for the duration of MFW 2021. Volunteers undertaking these shifts should feel comfortable standing for long periods of time and engaging in a fast paced environment. Some FOH volunteer tasks include:

  • Welcome patrons in a warm and professional manner
  • Assist patrons with event enquiries
  • Hosting duties in the VIP Lounge
  • Direct patrons around the venue and event
  • Assist with ticketing
  • Assist with promotional tasks: taking event photos, handing out event flyers/brochures
  • Assist with entry control & wrist banding of patrons

My Impact Page

  • Access and utilise the City of Melbourne Volunteer management system, My Impact Page to:
    • accept or decline shifts, meetings, training, and other opportunities
    • enter volunteer hours and feedback
    • keep up to date with City of Melbourne and program news
    • keep your personal details current and up to date

What we are looking for:

  • Exceptional customer service skills
  • Experience in similar volunteer roles
  • Experience in customer service roles
  • Problem solving ability
  • Ability to communicate with people of all ages and abilities
  • Ability to take direction and work autonomously if required
  • Ability to prioritise workload in a busy environment
  • A keen attention to detail
  • Ability to demonstrate and display City of Melbourne’s core values – integrity, courage, accountability, respect and excellence


Applicants who proceed to the next stage of the recruitment process will be required to complete mandatory role requirements including an interview, Police Check, Working with Children Check and read and complete the City of Melbourne volunteer e-learning induction module.

Any volunteer under the age of 18 will require the consent of a parent or guardian.

Please read the following Inherent Physical Requirements for this role. 

When completing the application form you will be asked to confirm that you can meet these Inherent Physical Requirements.

City of Melbourne's Melbourne Fashion Week volunteer program aims to be inclusive of people of all ages, abilities and backgrounds and to demonstrate the diversity of our communities. 

If successful, we will endeavour to accommodate any support or access requirements you advise us of for the volunteer roles at City of Melbourne.


The reference to the Inherent Physical Requirements for this role is: 

Physical demands of the task and % of time allocated










(with interruptions)

Sitting – preferred exposure time to be reduced to less than 67%





Standing – preferred exposure time to be increased above 33%





Walking – A mobility aid may replace walking






























Working with one or both hands above shoulder height





Reaching forwards or sideways

>50cm from the body





Gripping or grabbing





Fine hand coordination eg. For computer keying and handing of documentation





Lifting floor-waist





Lifting at waist height





Lifting above shoulder height





Carrying eg. Weights at own discretion





Pushing eg. Of trolleys





Pulling eg. Of trolleys





Shift Work – operate outside the hours of 7am-7pm during some project work.





Driving – control & use of a 4 wheel vehicle