Auckland Castle Engager





Auckland Castle was once the majestic residence of the Prince Bishops, who held a power second only to the English monarchy. Positioned strategically on the England-Scotland border, this castle reflects their influential status. These bishops, possessing the might to raise armies and mint coins, sought solace in Auckland Castle's surroundings when the pressures of urban life grew overwhelming. Though the title of Prince Bishop is no longer used, the influence of the Bishop of Durham persists, resonating through the modern world.


Embark on a captivating journey of personal development as a volunteer with us! Join our team and be empowered to guide our visitors through the tales of the Castle. Through thoughtful and clear in-person interpretation, you'll engage with people of all ages, unveiling new, amazing, and fun facets of the castle's stories. Our aim is to create an accessible experience, making the castle's rich history meaningful and relevant to today's visitors. From medieval origins to our present-day care, there's a treasure trove of content for you to share, fostering a deep connection between our visitors and the splendid Auckland Castle. Your adventure awaits!



The Auckland Project: Bishop Auckland: Auckland Castle


Key Activities


  • Warmly greet visitors with friendliness and approachability
  • Provide friendly and helpful answers to visitor enquires
  • Assist in the invigilation of the castle spaces to enhance the protection and security
  • Help to ensure visitors’ safety and enjoyment, adhering to health and safety guidelines
  • Assist in the evacuation of visitors during emergency situations


How much time will I be expected to give

Having a flexible approach to time management is key.  


We would prefer people who can commit to ideally at least once a week, but this is a suggestion and we are happy to discuss your availability with you. The Castle is open Wed to Sunday and Bank Holiday Mondays.


What skills and qualities do I need?

No prior experience or qualifications are necessary for this fantastic opportunity to acquire new skills. We believe this role is perfect for individuals who:


  • Are 17 years or older
  • Possess excellent communication skills, and are adept at initiating conversations with people of all ages

· Radiate a welcoming, approachable and helpful demeanour

· Are proactive with a positive nature, an interest in providing an excellent visitor experience

· Enthusiastic and willing to learn about the Castle

· Reliable, well-presented, friendly and polite

 · Comfortable collaborating as part of a team

• Are able to undertake the activity with and without supervision


We are excited to welcome people with some or all of these qualities to the team.


What support and training will I receive

Don’t worry we’ve got you, with a warm welcome and some great training:

You’ll kick things off with a friendly welcome session, a great way to dive into your new adventure.

Our fantastic Visitor Operations team members will be your go to guides, showing you the ropes and making sure you are ok.

You won’t be flying solo! An experienced buddy will be right there with you giving you what you need to understand the role. Need a hand? Our amazing supervisors are on standby to lend a hand and provide the support you need. Plus, our volunteer support leaders are here for your well-being with some extra check-ins and support. 


But wait there’s more! We’ve got online training modules and briefing notes to make learning a breeze. Were all about setting you up for a success on this journey.


What will you expect from me as a Castle Engager

Your volunteering will be a big deal, you will be helping make Bishop Auckland even better. Here’s what we need from you, simple and clear

  • Be on time and reliable, show up for your shift ready to go.
  • Dress the part – just follow our advice on what to wear.

· Be buddies with everyone – staff, volunteers and visitors We are all in this together!

· Learn the ropes – take the training we offer, and join meetings when they happen.

· Spread the positivity – you are our ambassador, keep it upbeat.

 · Safety first – know what to do in case of fire or emergency.

 · Stick to the rules – our policies and procedures are our team playbook, let’s play by them

What can I expect from gifting my time as a Castle Engager?

Here’s what you can expect from this fantastic opportunity – clear and important:


· A warm and delightful experience for you and our visitors

· The chance to learn and develop fresh skills and experiences; fine tune your excellent communication skills

· Fair respect and treatment – you’re a valued part of the team!

  • Joining a team that’s not just motivated but also friendly and dedicated.

·  We see and appreciate the difference you make – recognition and gratitude are part of the deal.

· Meeting a diverse range of people, making connections and forging new friendships.

· Personal satisfaction that you have truly enhanced our visitors’ experience.

· Valuable work experience, especially if you have an eye to a future in the culture and heritage sector.

· A CV and job application boost – real, hands-on experience to set you apart.