Volunteering from Home - Telephone Reassurance

Do you enjoy talking on the phone?   After the COVID-19 outbreak it is more important than ever to keep in touch with our Home-delivered Meal clients.  Because they are currently receiving meals once a week, your call could be a real comfort to those who are isolated and alone.  Just knowing someone cares can make a big difference. 

Each week you will receive an updated list of client names to call.  Volunteers are asked to complete a log in Excel and email the log back to volunteer services the same day they are completed.  Phone calls can occur between 10 am - 4 pm, Monday - Friday at your discretion.  The typical time commitment is 2-4 hours per week.  Training is provided.

Qualifications Required

  • Are you at least 18 years of age? Must be Yes
  • Are you completing Community Service hours? Must be No
  • Background Check Must be at least Level 2 Passed
  • Do you have experience and access to Excel? Must be I have access and experience with Excel.
  • Elder Abuse Test Must be Passed
  • Food Safety Test Must be Passed