Looking for enthusiastic, inspirational, community minded individuals with diverse professional backgrounds, knowledge, experience, talents, perspective and networking skills. Individuals who are attentive stewards, a source of inspiration and are willing fundraisers.

The advisory council is consists of these selected community leaders, who are charged with the responsibility of advising and assisting the local Salvation Army in planning and supporting the daily activities that meet the needs in the communities surrounding Belleville.

The men and women on the advisory council serve as committee chairs for finance, program, community relations, fundraising/development, properties, emergency disaster and social services which meet once a month.
Activity Shifts Start End
Fundraising Committee 1


45 SITES and 6,936 TIME SLOTS to chose from!

Be part of the traditional Christmas landscape as a Red Kettle Bellringer.
If you and/or organization enjoy being around people and are outgoing and personable this is the volunteer opportunity you are looking for!

As a bellringer you may select a specific location(s), date(s) and a minimum two hour shift where you will ring an old fashion-style school bell and extend Christmas cheer to customers who deposit pocket change into a red kettle as they entering and exiting local businesses.

Typically, bellringing runs from November 7th to December 24th, Monday – Saturday from 9:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. Some bellringing locations maybe located out-of-doors. Children under 16 years of age may ring bells with adult supervision. There must be one adult for every three children.

Proceeds from bellringing stay in the local area and will help provide the funding for food, housing and energy assistance, emergency aid and other services throughout the year to those requiring our support.
Activity Shifts Start End
Bellringer- Dierbergs- 7230 Westfield Plaza, Belleville, IL 1
Bellringer- Dillards- 275 St. Clair Square, Fairview Hts, IL 1
Bellringer- Eckerts County Store- 951 S Green Mt Rd, Belleville, IL 1
Bellringer- Five Below- 5927 N Illinois St, Fairview Hts, IL 1
Bellringer- Gordmans- 81 Ludwig Dr, Fairview Hts, IL 1
Bellringer- Hobby Lobby - 10850 Lincoln Trail Hwy, Fairview Hts, IL 1
Bellringer- JCPenney- St. Clair Square - 245 St. Clair Sq, Fairview Hts, IL 1
Bellringer- Macys - St. Clair Square - 200 St. Clair Sq, Fairview Hts, IL 1
Bellringer- Sears- St. Clair Square - 235 St. Clair Sq, Fairview Hts, IL 1
Bellringer- World Market- 3500 Green Mount Crossing , Shiloh, IL 1
Bellringer-Menards- 1179 Central Park Dr, O'Fallon, IL 1
Bellringer-Ruler Foods - 1703 N Belt W, Belleville, IL 1
Bellringer-Rural King - 2801 N. Illinois, Swansea, IL 1
Bellringer-Sam's Club - 1350 W. Hwy, O'Fallon, IL 1
Bellringer-Schnucks - 110 Carlyle Plaza Dr., Belleville, IL 1
Bellringer-Schnucks - 2665 N. Illinois St, Swansea, IL 1
Bellringer-Schnucks - 5720 North Belt West, Belleville, IL 1
Bellringer-Schnucks - 625 Lincoln Hwy, Fairview Hts, IL 1
Bellringer-Schnucks - 907 E US Highway 50, Ofallon, IL 1
Bellringer-Shop 'n Save - 4201 North Belt West, Belleville, IL 1
Bellringer-Shop 'n Save - 800 Carlyle , Belleville, IL 1
Bellringer-St. Clair Square - 200 St. Clair Sq, Fairview Hts, IL 1
Bellringer-Tom's Grocery - 369 Freeburh Market Place, Freeburg, IL 1
Bellringer-Wal- Mart - 1530 W. US Hwy. 50, O'Fallon, IL 1
Bellringer-Wal- Mart - 2608 Green Mount Commons,Belleville, IL 1
Bellringer-Walgreens - 1108 Hartman Ln, Shiloh, IL 1
Bellringer-Walgreens - 2532 North Illinois , Swansea, IL 1
Bellringer-Walgreens - 515 Carlyle, Belleville, IL 1
Bellringer-Walgreens - 5890 North Belt West, Belleville, IL 1
Bellringer-Walgreens - 6506 N. Illinois, Fairview Hts, IL 1
Bellringer-Walgreens - 704 Cambridge Blvd, O'Fallon, IL 1