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Welcome to the MS Society and our circle of volunteers.  We look forward to working with you throughout the year in one or more of our events.  Our new volunteer site allows you to work as little or as much as you would like.  If you want more opportunities, just go to your profile and let us know.  If you are wanting to learn more and work more events, we can try to accommodate you as best we can.  We look forward to getting to know you and work with you.

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2019 A Taste of Nelson

A Taste of Nelson is a local favourite: an evening where Nelson food lovers can enjoy tastings from local restaurants, wineries, and breweries, while raising funds and awareness for MS. There are also entertainment and activities throughout the evening including a guest speaker, silent auction, toonie auction, and raffle. Volunteer with us on Monday September 16th at the Prestige Resort! This is a sell-out event with over 110 guests. 

Activity Shifts Start End
Door Volunteers 0 9/16/2019 9/16/2019
Event Takedown 0 9/16/2019 9/16/2019
Photographer 1 9/16/2019 9/16/2019
Set Up 1 9/16/2019 9/16/2019
Silent Auction Volunteers 1 9/16/2019 9/16/2019
Volunteer Coordinator 0

Friendly Visiting Program

Activity Shifts Start End
Friendly Visiting Volunteer 1

Kids Up Front Program Coordinator

Activity Shifts Start End
Kids Up Front Program Coordinator 1

MS Bike Okanagan Experience September 7 & 8, 2019

Activity Shifts Start End
2020 Registration/Auction Payment Assistant 0 9/7/2019 9/7/2019
Auction Set Up / Dinner Decorator 0 9/7/2019 9/7/2019
Bartender 1 9/7/2019 9/7/2019
Emcee 0 9/7/2019 9/8/2019
Food Coordinator 1
Motorcycle Support Rider 2 9/7/2019 9/8/2019
Pancake Chef 1 9/8/2019 9/8/2019
Parking Assistant 2 9/7/2019 9/8/2019
Participant Check-In (Start)(Finish) 2 9/7/2019 9/8/2019
Participant Experience Coordinator 1
Participant Support Vehicle 2 9/7/2019 9/8/2019
Photographer 6 9/6/2019 9/8/2019
Rest Stop Coordinator 1
Rest Stop Set Up/Tear Down 2 9/7/2019 9/8/2019
Rest Stop Volunteer 6 9/7/2019 9/8/2019
Security 2 9/7/2019 9/8/2019
Sign Set Up/Tear Down 3 9/6/2019 9/8/2019
Site Volunteer 4 9/6/2019 9/8/2019
Volunteer Check-In 2 9/7/2019 9/8/2019

MS Society Leadership Volunteers

The Interior Regional Chapter council will consist of a group of leadership volunteers who will bring knowledge, expertise or interests in and will have responsibilities in one or more areas of the organization; fundraising, research, programs and services, government relations and advocacy, and public awareness. The purpose of the council is to exercise collective influence to provide insight and leadership to advance to advance the mission. 

Activity Shifts Start End
MS Ambassador 1
MS Society Council - Public Awareness 1
MS Society Council Member - Fundraising 1
MS Society Council Member - Government Relations and Advocacy 1
MS Society Council Member - Research, Programs and Services 1

Nelson Self Help Group Facilitator

Activity Shifts Start End
Self Help Group Facilitator 1 9/11/2019 9/11/2019

TRU Student Project

Activity Shifts Start End
TRU Student Project 1

Volunteer Legal Advocacy Program - VLAP

To assist VLAP clients to document their MS symptoms and functional limitations for complex disability benefit applications such as Canada Pension Plan-Disability (CPP-D), Persons with Disabilities (PWD), the Disability Tax Credit (DTC), and Long Term disability benefits (LTD)

Activity Shifts Start End
VLAP Volunteer 1


Activity Shifts Start End
Committee Chairperson 1
Food Coordinator 1
Volunteer Coordinator 1

Mission Statement

Our vision is to continue building a strong collaboration of staff and volunteers to make an impact in the lives of those impacted by MS.