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Volunteer Opportunities

Weekly Wednesday Morning Habitat Restoration

This group meets weekly on a Wednesday for 3 hours at 08:30am in summer and 09:00am in cooler months to perform habitat restoration on the Gurriwal Trail and the nearby Small Bird Habitat.

Join if you enjoy working outside in a social atmosphere and learn bush regeneration and plant identification skills.

Key Tasks:

  • Weeding
  • Mulching
  • Planting
  • Site maintenance.





Fortnightly Tuesday Morning Nursery Group

This smaller group meets fortnightly for 3 hours from 09:00am in the Discovery Centre Nursery performing nursery based activities. This is a small but well-appointed nursery with propagation, seed raising and plant storage facilities.

Join if you want to learn about plant husbandry in a social atmosphere.


Key Tasks:

  • Propagation from seed and vegetative material
  • Taking care of growing plants
  • Planting out and maintaining adjacent herb, vegetable and bush tucker beds. 




Monthly Sunday Morning Bush Regeneration

This larger group meets monthly on Sunday morning at sites around Centennial Parklands that contain remnants of the iconic and highly endangered Eastern Suburbs Banksia Scrub (ESBS).

A substantial proportion of the remaining stands of this vegetation community are retained within the parklands.

Join if you want to contribute to important conservation initiatives in the Eastern Suburbs with a social group of likeminded people and learn bush regeneration and plant identification skills.

Key Tasks:

  • Bush regeneration activities including weeding and planting to preserve and expand these stands. 







Quarterly Bat Surveys

Support & Join Centennial Parklands - Bat Surveying - Centennial Parklands

Four times a year a small group undertakes a count of Centennial Parkland’s flying fox camp in the central paperbark swamp area.

You will join a team at dusk and observe and count the threatened Grey Headed Flying Foxes as they fly out to forage across the Sydney basin.
This count provides vital scientific information about the species and the importance of urban refuges like the parklands.

Join if you are passionate about conservation and want to contribute to citizen science data collection.


Quarterly Bird Surveys

Four times a year a small group undertakes a series of bird surveys at specific sites in and around the parklands. This is carried out in collaboration with Birdlife NSW and involves experienced birdwatchers. You will partner with our regular birdwatching team and visit some interesting and hidden spots.

Join if you are a keen and relatively experienced birdwatcher.

Image credit. Tony Spira 2023

Ad hoc Litter Pickup and Pond Edge Cleanup

Support & Join Centennial Parklands - Volunteers - Centennial Parklands

This volunteering opportunity is undertaken individually at your convenience.  We concentrate particularly on the pond edges, as storm water borne rubbish is a perennial problem.

Join if you visit the parklands regularly and would like to make an impact on their visual and environmental amenity.

Key Tasks:

  • Collect a bag and a grabber from our depot
  • Explore the parklands, collecting rubbish as you go.

Corporate Volunteering

Support & Join Centennial Parklands - Volunteers - Corporate - Centennial  Parklands

Centennial Parklands’ corporate volunteer program can provide opportunities for organisations to support their employees’ physical and mental health and wellbeing, respond to CSR objectives, and enhance cultural awareness training.

Studies show that volunteering can release endorphins that give a “feel good factor” which contributes to positive physical and mental health. Volunteering in the lush green space of Centennial Parklands also provides participants with the widely documented benefits that exposure to green space can have on mental health. 
For organisations with environmental objectives, our program can provide a direct contribution to conservation goals, with the chance to work with our team on bush regeneration projects to restore, enhance and protect the Parklands’ environment.
For those looking to support cultural awareness training, our other volunteer program offers an opportunity to work on the restoration and enhancement of the Parklands' Aboriginal cultural space, the Guriwal Trail, an important educational, cultural, and conservation project.

All participants must be fully COVID-19 vaccinated.

Your Valued Contribution

Corporate volunteering fees are priced as a per person fee depending on the program and are paid as a donation, prior to the volunteer session, to the Centennial Parklands Foundation. The Foundation is an independent charitable organisation established to raise funds and awareness to support and enhance the three magnificent parks of Centennial Parklands. Please contact us for more information on the programs, pricing, and availability.

Newsletter, Communications and other Administration Assistance

This is a great volunteering opportunity for those who are restricted by time or capacity, but would like to contribute. We have a quarterly newsletter, regular comms posts on social media, and administration tasks that require staffing. If you are interested, we will provide regular emails seeking assistance and will also pass your details on to our comms team.

Shed work

This opportunity is for people who already have some skills with tools, or would like to gain those skills. We'll be assigned jobs around the Parklands by our facilities and operations teams, maintaining park seating and signage, painting and repairing fences and repairing things. We will provide an induction and training on the job in hand. Initially we will meet monthly on a Tuesday morning, dates to be provided.

Join if you want to work with your hands, doing carpentry and handyperson jobs, learning new skills and helping Centennial Parklands with essential maintenance.