Centre Opportunities - Time Traveller's Assistant (Room Attendant)

We want visitors to enjoy their experience at Seaton Jurassic and return again and again.
Based inside the exhibit, this role will ensure a positive, warm welcome, tailored to the needs of each visitor. You will encourage visitors to fully explore, engage and interact with the exhibits, and enable them to enjoy themselves safely, whilst ensuring the security and functionality of the displays and equipment.
We want our beautiful wildlife and natural heritage to be accessible and inspiring for everyone, and you will provide an essential step in this journey.

You will be part of a team which ensures the exhibit is exciting and informative. Previous experience or in depth knowledge is not necessary; the most important thing is that you are willing to have a go! Training will be provided to equip you with the skills to carry out your role, as will a Seaton Jurassic uniform and name badge.

Tasks involved:

  • You will provide a presence in the Interpretation Zones, thereby protecting the displays and equipment from damage and ensuring exhibits are safe and in good condition for all to enjoy.
  • Engaging and enthusing with children and families, encouraging them to take an interest in their natural heritage. Offering encouragement whilst demonstrating sensitivity to needs, moods and learning styles of visitors – some may not appreciate too much interaction!
  • Familiarising yourself with the exhibits and info panels and provide or signpost visitors to information
  • Guide visitors as to the route through the exhibit and explain that it is a one-way route
  • Explain how interactive exhibits operate, if needed
  • Maintaining facilities e.g. Topping up pencils and umbrellas
  • Escort people out and back in if they need the toilet
  • Collect feedback and pass on to staff
  • Ensuring visitors are using the equipment safely and report any suspicious behaviour
  • Be security and safety conscious; ensure familiarity and co-operation with all security and safety procedures
  • Offer advice and guidance and help with practical considerations such as door opening or acting as escorts for people with disabilities
  • Actively ensure the exhibit areas are tidy and maintain high presentation standards
  • Deal positively with visitor comments & complaints in line with the Seaton Jurassic procedure, passing on to the centre manager as appropriate and record the comments for future reference
  • Develop knowledge of the area, its natural heritage and points of interest and partner organisation activities etc. in order to be able to fully assist visitors