34th Space Symposium - Entry Control Support/Checking Credentials at Entry Points

This volunteer position does require the volunteer to be on their feet (with brief/short breaks) for a shift period of  either 4 hours to 5 hours, depending on the shift and area. We do try to give breaks, and especially meal breaks.

We also need to ask that this volunteer position be filled with volunteers who have a professional, and friendly, but AUTHORITATIVE demeanor to work efficiently and securely with participants of the symposium.

This position is in charge of checking credentials of all participants entering into the exhibit hall, meeting areas and speaker and panel sessions, along with other areas of the symposium. The checking of proper credentials and tickets to different meal events is an important area. It is not deemed as "security" but having an observant nature is good for this area.

Badge and credential information will be supplied to these volunteers so they are prepared to check these items when participants enter through various entry points. There will be security volunteer leads, both from the Broadmoor organization, and Space Foundation organization, who will be partnering with lead volunteers to ensure this area runs smoothly and information and support can be supplied quickly and efficiently. Communications will be given prior to symposium as well as briefings before shifts. Please plan to attend a briefing in the command post prior to your shift starting that will last for around 20 minutes. 

Please NOTE: The shift times have a 30 minute cushion at the beginning of each shift to give time for volunteers to arrive at the World Arena, park their cars and board the Broadmoor shuttle and transport over to the The Broadmoor/Symposium. Once you get to The Broadmoor, volunteers for this area go straight to the Entry Control Command Post to obtain their badges and be briefed and deployed to their volunteer duty station.