34th Space Symposium - IT Technical Support- Set Up and Tear Down

IT Support volunteers will assist Space Foundation IT team with the set up and tear down of computer and IT equipment in various areas throughout The Broadmoor Hotel - both before and at the close -  of the symposium. Please ensure you are able to perform the following: Please also note: Some of the shifts offered are the week prior to symposium, but the same benefits apply to volunteers (to attend sessions and exhibit center during symposium).

- Be able to quickly set up and turn on any computer equipment and most AV equipment.

- Must be able to set up networking equipment such as switches and networking cables.

- Must be able to lift more than 50 pounds for a few minutes.

Please NOTE: The shift on Thursday, April 19th is the only shift with a 30 minute window attached to it. The start time for the Thursday shift will be 30 minutes after the beginning time of the Thursday shift. Please arrive at the World Arena Parking area at 5:00pm to get onto shuttle to then transport over to the Broadmoor hotel. Start time for shift is 5:30pm.  ALL OTHER Shifts listed, parking is available at either our headquarters office, or the Broadmoor hotel on the weekend.