Many members of our community are native Spanish speakers, with lots of variation in degree of English proficiency.  As a result, we have lots of need for Spanish-speaking volunteers!  If you are fluent in Spanish and want an opportunity to serve bilingually, there are many ways you can help out.  Or if you are just learning Spanish, and you want a chance to practice, we can put you to work too!

The following are some of the primary roles that have a high need for Spanish:

Clinic Front Desk/Receptionist--These volunteers answer the phone at our clinic and greet patients as they come in.  Volunteers should be advanced in Spanish, and feel comfortable using it on the phone.

Clinic Interpreters/Salidas--Volunteer interpreters facilitate communication between English-speaking medical providers and Low English Proficiency (LEP) patients.  Salida volunteers undergo training with our clinic staff to perform the salidas, or exit interviews, which are conducted with each patient after each appointment.  These volunteers must be fluent in Spanish and English, and while experience in healthcare, public health, or social work is not necessary, it is a huge plus.

Class Facilitators (Adults)--We are always looking for motivated volunteers who can commit to teaching classes on a variety of subjects to our community.  Many of our adult community members speak Spanish, so some ability in Spanish is helpful for this role.  Depending on the subject of the class and who is participating, various degrees of Spanish proficiency can be accommodated.