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Volunteering as a Patient and Family Advisor is a unique opportunity to help shape health care in Alberta.

For our purposes, Advisors are generally referred to as individuals with either a patient or family-related experience with the health care system. They volunteer not only their time, but also their insights and unique perspectives that come from their personal health care experiences.

 What is the role of an Advisor?

Advisors bring the voice and perspectives of patients and families to the planning, design, delivery and evaluation of healthcare to ensure those perspectives are included in everything we do.

Types of involvement depends on an Advisors interests, experiences and availability and may include:

  • e-advisors | occasionally reviewing or contributing to one-time requests such as completing online surveys, reviewing a draft brochure or patient education materials;  
  • occasional contributors | providing important feedback by participating in collaborative discussions, focus groups, one-time planning sessions or patient journey mapping; 
  • sharing patient experiences | sharing personal experiences with health care providers, leaders and staff to help better understand the patient experience and view their work through the eyes of the people they serve;
  • regular contributors | volunteering as a member of a quality improvement working group, advisory council, planning committee, or other partnership opportunity to bring the patient and family voice to the forefront and help to influence and guide strategies and planning.

If you have any questions, please contact Volunteer Resources (Engagement) by email at

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the qualities of an Advisor?

If you're considering volunteering as an Advisor, consider whether or not you have an interest and ability in sharing your healthcare experiences in ways that others can learn from, as well as whether or not you:

  • can see beyond your own personal experiences;
  • are a good listener;
  • are able to act to advise the improvement process rather than seek to influence an outcome;
  • respect the perspectives of others;
  • are interested in working collaboratively with health care leaders and providers to improve care and experiences for patients and families throughout Alberta.

How do I get involved?

If you think this is right for you and you're ready to get going, just follow these simple steps: 

Step 1: Click the [Fill in an Application] button on the right-hand side of this page and complete an application form. 

Step 2: We will review your information and be in contact with you to arrange a 1:1 chat to learn more about your interests, and to give you an opportunity to get your questions answered.  

Step 3: If it's a fit, join us for an introductory session or 1:1 discussion (depending on where you live) to begin learning more about the role of Patient and Family Advisors, the onboarding requirements, and volunteering with Alberta Health Services. 

 Step 4: Complete volunteer onboarding including:

    • Providing two (2) references
    • Participating in Confidentiality and Privacy Training, including signing the AHS’s Confidentiality Form
    • Completing a photo and media consent form (optional).
    • Completing a Communicable Disease Assessment Form (if required).
    • Providing a Police Information Check (with VSS if required). 
    • Participating in our online, and program specific orientation.

Step 5: Learn how to use our volunteer system, how to sign up for opportunities and how to enter volunteer hours.  This can occur during or after onboarding is complete.

Step 6: If you've opted in to receive updates we will also send you relevant newsletters and email updates.