Buddying - East London Young People's Project

Sense Volunteer Buddy – volunteer with young disabled people in East London

About the role

Become a Sense Volunteer Buddy in east London and you can support young people with complex needs develop skills, friendships and local connections through a year-long programme of arts and sports.


As a volunteer you’ll be matched with a young person, and together you’ll develop a friendship through trying a range of arts and sports activities in the community. You and your young person will meet twice a month, once for an organised group activity taster session, and again to support your young person to follow their own interests in the community. Activities will support young people develop skills around communication, independence, creativity, autonomy, and self-exploration. Examples include, tennis, boccia, drama, dance, and cycling. Your friendship will deeply impact your young person’s life. 


This is a 12 month programme designed to enable young disabled people to prepare for their best futures. We are looking for passionate volunteers to commit to a full year of volunteering with this programme.  


Be part of this exciting and brand new project in east London. Initial volunteer training will take place every 6 - 8 weeks. For more information - https://www.sense.org.uk/support-us/volunteer/


Get involved with

Volunteering will take place twice a month, will be activities based and in the community. One of these sessions will be a group activity taster session, and another you’ll spend with your young person getting to know each other and following interests out in the community.


Sense will be partnering up with community based arts and sports providers for group sessions; you and your young person will get a chance to meet others and try something new.


Where and when

Group sessions will be monthly (10 months of the year) on a Saturday and for between 3 and 5 hours.


Independent sessions will happen each month and are three hours long; they provide a chance for you and your young person to follow their interests independently in the community (predominantly Tower Hamlets, Hackney, or Newham).


About you

We’re looking for people who are:

Fun and friendly and confident to meet and spend time with young people.


Willing to develop the knowledge and skills to communicate with young people who may use a wide range of communication methods. 

Reliable and punctual, and able to commit to bi-monthly sessions for 12 months


Committed to providing support in a way that offers choice, independence and dignity.


Enthusiastic, person-centered and excited to get out and about and build a one-to-one supportive friendship with a young person.


And over 18 years of age.


You can expect
Induction information to ensure you feel confident and prepared for the role. This includes one to one meetings, training events, and mentoring for the first month of your sessions with your young person.


Ongoing support; our team is always on hand to support you in your role – we can help you create goals with the young person, discuss challenges, and provide activity ideas. We provide regular top up training opportunities and regular individual meetings.


Agreed out of pocket expenses to be reimbursed, in line with Sense policy


The chance to get to meet new people, try a range of culturally rich activities in your local community and to have lots of fun taking part together 


To develop new skills and knowledge about communicating and working with young people with complex communication needs.


"Seeing his face light up when I enter his house to pick him up for a session beats any award or certificate I have earned. It is a one-of-a-kind feeling." George, Sense Volunteer Buddy 


Complete our application form via the link above, or for more information get in touch at buddying@sense.org.uk . We look forward to hearing from you!


Schedule Summary

This activity generally occurs on

  • Saturday - Morning, Afternoon
  • Sunday - Morning, Afternoon