Starting a New Chapter

Dogs on Deployment is always looking for highly self-motivated volunteers that want to build a network of supporters in their local area to support local events, fundraisers, sporting events, walks and more. Join our team as one of our staff Coordinators to be one of our "boots on the ground!"

Mission of Coordinators

The mission of each Coordinator is to lead, manage and organize volunteer efforts in their defined local area in order to ensure effective community presence in target areas.

Coordinator Position Description

Coordinators’ purpose is to translate organizational objectives and strategy into measurable action through the coordination with volunteer groups across their defined local area. Local Coordinators should primarily focus on developing a strong base of Local DoD Volunteers, from whom they may rely on to physically participate in the preparation and execution of community events.

Coordinators will support their area of responsibility (AOR) by keeping updated records of organizational assets to include, but is not limited to, an active local volunteer database, community events calendar for local areas, location of organizational materials in their AOR, donations raised through community events in their AOR, and database of supportive vendors for event participation.

Coordinator Responsibilities

  • Finding local events that Dogs on Deployment would benefit from participating in.
  • Gathering and submitting required documents (including waivers, if needed), payments and participation requirements to Dogs on Deployment.
  • Recruiting and training of local DoD Volunteers for local events.
  • Coordination of local DoD Volunteers during event participation.
  • Ensuring compliance of local DoD Volunteers to Dogs on Deployment’s guidelines, regulations and legal obligations.
  • Managing relations between local DoD Volunteers.
  • Maintaining DoD’s guidance and policy.
  • Being a local representative for Dogs on Deployment to be available to speak and disperse information on behalf of Dogs on Deployment to the media, military bases, speaking engagements, animal rescue centers and more.

If you are interested in starting a new Chapter in your local community, please apply now!