Floor Hockey


Volunteer Position Description


Volunteers are valued as an integral part of our team bringing a wealth of enthusiasm, skill and experience. We treat our Recreation volunteers as potential future part-time employees.  We provide them with the skills they need to assist us effectively in our public programming and in return, we offer workshops and coaching that will improve their likelihood for employability.


  1. Assignment: Floor Hockey.



  1. Purpose of Assignment:  To create a positive learning space by ensuring the health, safety and fun of all participants. Continuously striving to deliver excellent customer service to all participants, parent/guardians and patrons. Volunteers will assist coaches and staff members with demonstrating fundamental skills through instruction and gameplay.


  1. Tasks:
  • Greet participants as they enter they gymnasium and ensuring they put belongings in appropriate area
  • Engage and converse with participants while the staff speaks to parents
  • Assist with the set up and breakdown of equipment
  • Help with the maintenance of sports equipment
  • Help supervise games and occasionally in the capacity as a referee
  • Be willing to lead activities (warm up games, stretches, basic drills)
  • Encourage and support participants during activities
  • Coordinate with the staff to role play examples of fair and foul play
  • Accompany the staff and all participants for water breaks
  • Keep the participants engaged while the staff is transitioning to a new activity
  • Create a fun and inclusive environment for participants by reporting any bullying or harassment


  1. Time Commitment:  Sports programs run at many recreation centres across the city with varying times. Shifts usually have a duration of 1-3 hours. Activities run on a weekly basis for an entire session.


  1. Position Requirements:
  • Must be at least 14 years’ old
  • Must have attended a mandatory Volunteer Orientation/Training
  • Have the desire to work with young children and youth
  • Have knowledge and experience in the specific sport/activity
  • Regular attendance of all weekly games/lessons
  • Ability to effectively communicate with staff and participants
  • Be a team player, able to work well with fellow volunteers and staff
  • Able to demonstrate patience when dealing with different participants


  1. Supervision: Staff will always be present. For program specific inquires (cancelled dates or missed shifts) report to the on-site contact. For any other volunteering concerns, report to the designated Volunteer Specialist.


  1. Working Conditions:  Indoor and outdoor conditions. Will be interacting mainly with children ages 3-13 years old, but may be placed in programs with older participants on occasion. Must be comfortable with standing, running, and jumping for long periods.


  1. Uniform Requirements:  Appropriate footwear, athletic shorts and t-shirt with no logos, preferably in dark colours. If provided by staff, volunteers must wear a singlet and/or name tag.


  1. Benefits:  The benefits of this position are:
  • Potential future opportunities for part-time employment with the City of Brampton
  • Great experience for those wanting to working with youth
  • Development of customer service skills
  • Increased ability to communicate effectively with others
  • Improve interpersonal and people skills
  • Gather management and supervision experience
  • Develop a new level of professionalism
  • Strengthening sports skills and knowledge