Thrift Store Volunteer

Thrift Store Volunteer Position

Assisting Customers A major part of a thrift store volunteer's job description is to assist customers. Volunteers answer customers' questions about the products, and may also step in to process cash and credit card transactions if a cashier isn't present.

Sorting Through Donations With the many donations that come in, it's important that the donated items are in good condition for customers to buy. The volunteers, with the help of the manager, sort through items to check for broken, chipped or damaged items, and permanent stains or tears on clothing.

Stocking Donations Every day the thrift store receives different items, and the thrift store volunteer categorizes and places items on the shelves or racks. Items that have been on the sell floor long enough has to be removed and placed in proper destinations He also may be responsible for placing the price tags on them before stocking.

Doing Store Maintenance Thrift store volunteers also help maintain the store's physical appearance. They clean up spills or broken items, dust and clean shelves, and put misplaced items back on the right shelves.