Day Camps - Funseekers Day Camp Volunteer Leader

Funseekers Day Camp Volunteer


Start Date and End Date: Weekly, Mon-Fri, July 2 - Aug 30, 2019

Length of Commitment: 3 weeks minimum


General Information:

Funseekers Daycamp is a social-recreational day camp for children ages 6-12 yrs. The camp runs from 8:30am-3:30pm Monday through Friday, with an exception on Stat holidays.


“Join us for a summer of excitement and adventure. Our fun and enthusiastic leaders have planned an enjoyable schedule filled with out trips, games, crafts, sports, cooking, music, drama and special events. Special emphasis will be placed on the introduction of the Equitas program,


“Plat it Fair” which is designed to promote human rights, inclusion, anti-discrimination, respect for diversity, and the peaceful conflict resolution amongst children.”


There will be weekly out trips, which may include Splashdown, Buntzen Lake, Watermania, Coquitlam Aquatic Centre, Rock Climbing, and Laser Tag.


Volunteers will receive training and be able to ask for a reference.


This is meant to be a learning opportunity for the volunteer. It is a great opportunity for the volunteers to be active, outdoors, doing some great activities and having fun, while working with children and in a staff team. They will also learn about children’s rights and facilitation, and learn from highly experienced staff.



Duties/Responsibilities of volunteers:


  • Supervision of children ages 6-12 yrs
  • Assisting staff in the planning, organization and implementation of games, activities and out trips.
  • Assisting staff in daily activities that Daycamp Leaders carry out
  • Volunteers will be an extra set of eyes to the staff and alert staff when anything of concern arises
  • Volunteers may be responsible for looking after a small group of children during outing and activities (3-5 kids)
  • Volunteers may be paired to work one-to-one/and small groups with children with challenges
  • Involvement in the evaluation of the program and staff
  • Volunteers will be required to participate in all activities, which may include, but are not limited to, swimming, skating, sports, arts and crafts, waterslides, laser tag, etc
  • Swimming will be a critical component for volunteers. Volunteers must be in the water on swim days, and will be asked to watch over a small group (2-4 children) of younger children.
  • Lunch, water, swim attire and snack must be brought daily




  • Minimum 16 years of age.
  • Opportunity for volunteers genuinely interested in working with children ages 6-12 yrs
  • Interested in pursuing future employment as a daycamp leader or in childcare, or future post-secondary education in child and youth care, education, social services, education assistant, recreation or similar.
  • Applicants may be needing to complete hours as part of their application for these post-secondary education programs, but we are not looking for youth who are just needing to complete their minimum allocation of CAPP hours for High School completion.
  • Volunteers need to ‘want’ to be there, and are not just placed there because parents need them to be involved in the summer (free babysitting)
  • Minimum 3 weeks commitment is required.
  • Swimming and being in the water is a large component of our weekly activities, so the volunteer must feel comfortable being in the water with children (does not need to be a strong swimming, but must be comfortable supervising and assisting children)
  • Second language, first aid and/or Class 4 drivers license is an asset
  • Must actively participate in all activities and interact with children~ have fun with the kids!!
  • Must be able to be in attendance 8:30am-3:30pm each day, and be punctual
  • Must work both in a team and independently when given tasks
  • Show initiative, take leadership, be organized and be willing to learn and try new things
  • Show maturity, while at the same time, have fun, be silly, and PLAY with the children. Be a role model, while also make camps memorable experiences.
  • Dress code- staff and volunteers are expected to dress appropriately for working with children. Shirts and shorts that are too revealing are not appropriate, nor are clothing with logos/images not conducive to being around children (for example, depictions of alcohol or drugs, sexual innuendos, crude language). Swimming attire needs to be secure, and you must be able to move actively in them (one piece bathing suits are recommended for females.) Shoes you can be active in and move quickly in are a necessity. Runners or sandals with a back strap are recommended. Flip flops or sandals without a back strap are not allowed. There will be a lot of walking during the program.
  • Volunteers need to understand that there is a significant responsibility working with children, and having children in our care. These positions are not strictly social position for staff and volunteers ‘hang out’ and have fun.





  • Possibility of Certification in Hi-Five, Diversity Services Training and the opportunity to experience Play it Fair. Training opportunities still to be confirmed.
  • Reference letter available if requested.
  • Experience working with highly qualified staff
  • Opportunity and experience to work with children, gaining experience which can qualify for future educational pursuits. There will also be a lot of fun activities you get to experience working with the children.

Qualifications Required

  • Police Record Check Must be at least Police Record Check