Front of House

Purpose of the Role: To provide an escort and direction service for patients and visitors to Hollywood Private Hospital.


Specific Duties:


  • Meet and greet visitors
  • Farewell and say thank you to those leaving the hospital and give directions to discharge lounge (if necessary)
  • Escort visitors who require it to their destinations (offer wheelchair assistance if necessary)
  • Provide companionship to those waiting in the lobby area
  • Direct queries, when appropriate, to the main reception desk
  • Approach people who appear to be unsure of where they are going and assist them
  • Ensure there is adequate supply of wheelchairs in room off lobby area
  • Assist those needing to book a taxi, inviting them to take a seat in the lobby and checking on taxi when it arrives (need to distinguish veterans who get taxi provided by Veterans affairs).
  • Assist reception with additional duties when required e.g. fetching wheelchairs or assisting with luggage etc.
  • Assist staff at main reception as required e.g. if a visitor presents at their desk seeking direction
  • Assist with discharge from the hospital as required
  • Ensure the lobby area is kept tidy
  • Be conversant with bus and train timetables to/from hospital


Personal Attributes Required:

  • Excellent customer service and communication skills (listening, speaking, nonverbal)
  • Non judgemental attitude
  • Empathy
  • A willingness to be a part of the volunteer team
  • A willingness to maintain confidentiality
  • A willingness to undergo orientation and training and to attend regular volunteer meetings
  • A friendly and helpful attitude
  • A liking of people.