Education & Community Development - Indigenous Gardening Program

Traditional medicines are an important ritual for indigenous spiritual practices. We grow sweet grass, tobacco, sage, and gather red cedar as part of our indigenous programming. We plan to distribute packages grown by our volunteers to our clients to promote a holistic and inclusive approach to health and wellness. Please note the plants are all perennial and will need full sun for years to come.


Current Growing Opportunities

We currently have Wild Tobacco seeds that need to be potted up soon. They need full sun and will need lots of water.


We are waiting for a delivery of Desert / Prairie Sage seeds, ensure seeds are planted in an area where the plants can get a lot of sun.


In June we will have Sweet Grass plant plugs for distribution. They like to multiply and can outgrow their designated area. Another option to keep them contained is to grow them in large pots. They make a nice fragrant planter.



Growing Tips & Instructions:

Not sure how to grow to grow your plants? Here are some guides you can use:






We ask volunteers who take part in the gardening program to harvest their crops and leave 40% of the leaves on the perennial plant at the end of the season. Of the 60% that can be harvested, we ask that you donate 30% to RĂ©seau ACCESS Network, and you may keep / distribute 30% at your discretion. Over the next 5 years we hope to grow the gardening program and make it a sustainable part of programming so your contributions are essential to success. We understand that gardening and having plants reach maturity takes time, maybe even years. 


We appreciate the dedication and commitment you would be willing to undertake as one of our gardening volunteers and it would be our pleasure to have you join our amazing team. To help us grow tobacco, sage and sweetgrass or collect red cedar to help us make a difference in the community, please sign up today!