Special Events - HIV/AIDS Awareness Week - Scarf Knitting

Volunteer Opportunity - We Need Your Help!

We need 500 scarves by November 1, 2020

To spread awareness about HIV we will be bundling the town up

in red... red scarves.

Knit or crochet any pattern of red scarf to a minimum of 2 meters long (6

feet) and deliver them to 111 Larch St, 4th Floor by November 1st, 2020.

Knitted scarves will be handed directly to people in need.  Felt

scarves will be tied around town. We will gather teams to tie

scarves around town to promote the importance of HIV testing

and education. Attached to scarves will be a pamphlet with HIV



Anyone can take the scarves. You can keep the scarf

or you can pass it on to someone who might need it. Any

scarves left over will be donated to shelters.