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Welcome to volunteering at the Joshua M. Freeman Foundation! After you've reviewed the requirements and learned about the various volunteer roles, we encourage you to click on "Fill in an application."

Our volunteers commit to working a minimum of 40 hours in a calendar year. As part of the 40-hour commitment, volunteers commit to two free performances or non-stage events such as venue set-up, arts in education programs and fundraising events. Student volunteers (enrolled in high school or college full time) commit to volunteering a minimum of 25 hours of service during a calendar year with 8 of those hours volunteering for free or non-stage events.

Below is a list of volunteer roles we have in a typical year at the Joshua M. Freeman Foundation. If you click on the name of the role, a short description will pop up. Please note that some roles require previous experience in that role. Other roles may require permission if there is training that must be completed.

If you are ready to become a volunteer, please click on the "FILL IN AN APPLICATION" link in the orange box to begin the process!

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