Children's Alley - The Rhythm Factory

The Rhythm Factory

Ages 4-12


Sing-a-long, move and groove! Learn about different musical instruments from around the world. Grab your passport and go on a musical journey that will take you from Brazil to Africa and as far away as Australia!


Featured books: I Love My Baby Berimbau: An Introduction to the Berimbau in Capoeira, Dundun: The Talking Drum of the Yoruba People of South-West Nigeria, The Soul of Mbira: Music and Traditions of the Shona People of Zimbabwe, Fun with the Jaws Harp, Ernie Dances to the Didgeridoo, The Rainstick: A Fable 


Presented by musician Michael Gil


  • Assist in set up and closing activities
  • Greet fairgoers, answer questions, and direct to tables
  • Rearrange sitting for the different activities
  • Assist children with art activities and book reading
  • Assist with on-going clean-up.


Michael Gil

Qualifications Required

  • Are you 18 years of age or older? Must be at least Yes