Foster Care - Cat/Kitten Foster

Foster parents provide short and long-term care for cats and kittens in their own homes. By offering your time, love and attention, you prepare your foster kitties for adoption into a permanent, loving home.

There are many reasons why a cat or kitten is placed into a foster home. For example, a momma cat and her nursing kittens may need a home environment where they can feel safe and receive proper socialization or a senior cat may need hospice type care in their final days.

The most common reasons include:

  • being too young for adoption
  • needing time to recuperate from an illness or injury
  • needing socialization or behavior modification

These cats/kittens will be in your care until they are ready to be placed for adoption. This could mean anywhere from a few weeks to several months. Being a foster parent isn't easy but it is incredibly rewarding. If you have room in your home and heart to foster a cat in need, consider being a foster parent.

As a foster parent, you will be expected to:

  • provide daily care, feeding and any necessary medications
  • socialize cats/kittens and give them plenty of TLC
  • transport your foster cat to veterinary appointments
  • isolate foster cats/kittens from your own companion animals

We'll cover medical expenses but fosters will be asked to supply their own food and supplies. Every little bit helps!