Foster Care - Foster Assistant

This volunteer will be responsible for troubleshooting foster concerns and inquiries. They may need to schedule checkups with the Foster Coordinator. They would be responding to feline health-related questions and general inquiries. Foster experience helpful, veterinary experience/medical experience in a clinic or shelter setting strongly preferred. They must be able to learn quickly and communicate well with the Foster Coordinator. They should be able to answer questions about the type of care certain kittens need including bottle babies, sick kittens, feral moms with kittens, and transitional kittens based on the protocol material provided by Town Cats. This needs a calm, organized, and informative person who can provide excellent customer service and responsiveness. They will need to access Google Docs and Google Calendar (experienced is helpful but can train) and will need to learn to use Shelterluv (training provided). Time commitment and schedule is on an on-call basis.This is a remote position.