Kinship Care Camps - Kinship Camp August 3rd-5th

Come and join us at Camp Manyung for the August Kinship Care Camp! 

Kinship Care camps are family programs that run for families who care for a child under a kinship care arrangement. Kinship care is a form of out of home care that means that the child does not live with their parents but another family member or close friend, instead of with a foster carer.

Kinship Care camps give families an opportunity to relax, unwind and connect with other families who look just like theirs, as well as sharing experiences, knowledge and resources. More importantly, they are a chance for families to have an awesome time and enjoy a super fun experience together!

Unlike other family camps where the the carer or parent is present all weekend, Kinship Camp differs in that. For a large portion of the weekend, volunteers are in one-on-one mentoring roles or working in a small group context with 2-3 young people.

Often the young people that attend these camps with their carers are considered vulnerable, disadvantaged or at risk. Campers may have experienced: trauma, family violence, mental health issues, social isolation or other complex life experiences.

A large part of volunteering on Kinship Care Camps is about creating connections with these young people and supporting them over the weekend, as well as supporting their incredible carers.

Your role as a volunteer is to support one family through the weekend (Friday afternoon to Sunday afternoon) in whatever way that looks - it could be hanging out with the kids, grabbing a cuppa with the carers, or helping the family to connect with others on camp.

Friday 4pm 3rd August to Sunday 3pm 5th August (3 days, 2 nights)
Camp Manyung, Sunnyside Rd, Mount Eliza VIC 3930

Contact for more information!