If you are interested in trails, not just hiking but what goes into creating and maintaining them, then you may be interested in some upcoming opportunities.

Trailblazers is a new volunteer program open to people from 14 to 140 year of age. Projects will take place every other month. It is part education and part hands on. Many of our trails have been around for a long time, probably longer than I’ve been around. These trails get a lot of use, and as much as that is a great thing, the trails are showing their age. But, with your help, we can turn the clock back.

Some of the tasks will include:

  • Removing berms from the side of trails
  • Filling ruts
  • Installing water control (nicks and rolling grade dips)
  • Clearing vegetation (pruning and lopping)
  • Installing rock armor
  • Bridge repairs
  • Prepping areas for reroutes or new trails